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Residence permits to Finland

If you want to stay in Finland for a longer period than three months, you need a residence permit.

Enter Finland

Select the application form on the basis of whether you will work or study in Finland or if you want to move to Finland to live with a member of your family.

Please remember that e-service accounts are for personal use only, so you can't send an application for your spouse or your employee through your own account. They must have their own account in Enter Finland.

Further information about applying for a residence permit can be obtained at the Finnish Immigration Service website:

Applying for a residence permit

1. Fill in your residence permit application online. Choose the correct application form on the basis of your reason for coming to Finland (for example, work, studies or a family member in Finland). Make sure you attach all the required documents.

2. While filling the application you will be required to make the payment online via e-service. In case you have problems it is possible to make the payment at Embassy's account. Instructions on service fees.

3. Once you have filled in and submitted the application, book a time at the Finnish Embassy in Pristina via email: Please make sure to have with you the original documents, valid passport and a passport photo.

4. You can follow the progress of the processing online. You may be asked for further information and you may be invited for an interview. The Embassy has no influence over processing times at the Finnish Immigration Service. You will be notified once a decision has been made.

5. If you receive a positive decision, the residence permit card will be delivered to the Embassy of Finland in Pristina. A negative decision means that it was considered that you do not have sufficient grounds for a residence permit.

Residence permit card

Applicants whose permit application is approved will receive a biometric residence permit card. The residence permit card is not tied to a specific passport, but the personal information in both documents must be identical. In other words the residence permit card must be renewed to reflect any changes in the passport’s personal information.

If you are a visa national with a residence permit, you must report a missing or stolen residence permit card to the police. To be admitted to Finland again, you must submit a copy of that report to a Finnish mission and apply for a new residence permit. Attachments to the application must include a police report on the lost or stolen residence permit card.

A person who holds a residence permit may live and travel in Finland and leave the country and re-enter during the validity of the residence permit. Persons who hold a worker’s residence permit are furthermore entitled to work in Finland.

A person who holds a residence permit may also stay and travel within the Schengen area for up to three months, provided they are not subject to an entry ban to the country in question. 

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